Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trailor of "Barn of the Blood Llama"

Barn of Blood Llama from kirk- O-Matic on Vimeo.
you should visit this site for all thangs gibby

http://realruralworld.blogspot.com/index.htmlMore on Barn of the Blood Llama from Kelley Swinney

Part of interview conducted with neighbors of the World-0-Wool Llama Ranch.
Long time resident W. D. Forty recalls

"Dr. Roger Albert was the self proclaimed Hackel County Animal Corner. You would always see him pulled over on the side of the road examining road kill. You know dead deer, dogs, and armadillos. Albert claimed it was some cult dumping them on the highway. Hell, he wasn't filing liens on people property like that nut over in Fort Davis or saying there was some spaceship behind some Comet!"

Justiceburg Old timers Guido Carp and Jim Bob Jumpback remember the Jacobi Brothers.

Jim Bob- " In the Jacobi Brother's family tree"

Guido-" More like a brush, if you ask me".

Jim Bob- "It's true, they only had one set of Grandparents but the boys was as harmless as a skunk that been fixed"

Guido-"Harmless until Dr. Albert showed up"

Jim Bob- "Jug was the smart one, if you can call any of them smart. I mean to say, compared to Gibby, Jug was a Rockofeller"

Guido-"He means to say, he was an Einstein, Rockofeller was the one with all the money"

Jim Bob-" No, I don't mean to say he was a Einstein or a Rockofeller, hell none of them boys never had no 'cents' and you can spell that with a C or a S".

Guido-" Jim Bob's right about that, you see, it was all about money".

Jim Bob- "It always is".

Guido- "Albert wasn't satisfied with just wool colored, He wanted all kind of colors".

Jim Bob-" Yeah, Albert liked bright colors. Hell at Texas A&M they grow colored cotton and maroon carrots. The doc, he claimed to have a Hoof and Mouth Degree from Texas A&M, but word around here was it was a mail order degree from Haiti".

Guido- "Dr. Albert, he was the kink in the knot".

Jim Bob-"Carp means to say Albert was the kink in the rope".

Guido- "He was kinky all right, especial around them Llamas".

Jim Bob- "He ain't the first one to get caught standing on a milking stool".

Guido- " If you ask me Albert was preying on them boys".

Jim Bob-" When that no hit Johnny Bock showed up in town, that's when the trouble started".

Guido- "Yeah, Bock had one of them guitars that plugged into the wall, like a toaster, damnest thing you every saw. They used to play his one record down at the Greasy Squeeze".

Jim Bob- "The Greasy Squeeze is our local teen hang out".
haven't been down there oh in a yars, ever sinced they towed the
taco truck away

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